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Unique, personalized trips, perfect for team building and strengthening the collective spirit. You tell us your motivation and goal and we’ll provide the right places and the programmes full of adventure. We are travel professionals, nothing is impossible for us. All you have to do is pack your bags and we’ll take care of everything else.

Dear Gabriella, I would like to share my experience of the Finnish incentive trip with you. Of the past years, this was one of the most exciting trips we had. You compiled a great set of programmes for us and we thus had the best from each location we visited. We got great quality in respect of sights, experience and services. I feel that the programme had everything that a 5-day Laplander trip could offer. Special thanks to Judit’s usual patience and flexibility that was sometimes necessary with our team. She handled the situations well and in a restrained manner, didn’t let us know her personal opinion (that I generally agreed with myself…). It was great to travel with her, with you, thank you!
Yours sincerely,

Morafcsik László
Fundamenta-Lakáskassza Zrt.
Deputy CEO


Our tailor-made and unique incentive trips mean a lifetime experience for all participants, and can also inspire them on the long term. The adventures they share will strengthen the team spirit. Would you like your staff to be more enthusiastic, cheerful, more committed to work, helping each other out, and joining forces to achieve a goal? And once there is success, to turn towards new and higher goals easier and faster? To this end, it is imperative for every colleague to feel the strength that lies in the unity of the team and to intensify and develop this strength on a continuous basis.


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Our several decades of experience is a guarantee for being able to organise any type of customised trips without difficulty. We would be pleased to provide you with professional advice and to offer you the best possible choice. We love challenges and would be happy to assist you in accomplishing even the craziest ideas. Did you ever have lava-baked breakfast in the desert while watching the magnificent sunrise? Well, we can make this come true.



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If you know the difference between walking around in a Zoo and looking at the animals through a glass wall or a fence, and riding a horse in a thick forest, feeling every movement of the horse ... If you know the difference between watching your favourite sport event from your sofa and being on the field yourself and giving a content wink to your teammate after the winning goal, even if you are exhausted ... And if you can imagine what it is like not just to rush through the famous tourist sights of a distant Asian country, but to go skin-deep and experience the everyday lives of locals for a time ... then you already guess what an incentive trip could mean.